The IOPHS has researched, developed and standardised the Psychological Health and Safety Index (PHSI-S).

The PHSI-S is an organisational survey, which measures employees' perception of their psychological health and safety in the workplace, as it pertains to six psychological health and safety dimensions: •Psychological Hazards-Safety •Psychological Health •Physical Health •Stress-Fatigue-Burnout •Work-Life Balance •Coping Capability.

The survey also measures and reports on occupational psychological health and safety risk indexes, as well as a composite occupational psychological health index.

With more than a combined 60 years of organisational psychologicy experience, the professionals at IOPHS offers consultations and assistance with the implementation of the PHSI-S.

Psychological Health and Safety Index Survey (PHSI-S)

IOPHS developed and hosts the online PHSI-S.

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The professional at IOPHS has more than 60 years combined experience in the field of organisational psychology.

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Human Capital Assessments

The team operates within a larger company, AssessmentWorld Pty Ltd, and offers various psychometric and cloud-based human capital measurement instruments.

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The Psychological Health and Safety Index Survey (PHSI-S) is administered on any smart device, across large numbers of employees, enabling immediate auto-scoring and report writing for further management actions.

The Professional IOPHS Team


The team at IOPHS are registered psychologists with the HPCSA.

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Should you require more information, or discussion with our team regarding, e.g., the survey, consulting services, etc., then please complete the information form.  The professionals at IOPHS are all qualified and registered psychologists, and manage data with the utmost confidentiality, according to strict international codes.  Your submission of the information on this form, will only be used for direct communication between the IOPHS team and you.  Should you not feel comfortable with this information exchange, simply contact us via email to engage in a conversation, by utilising the Contact Details facility provided below.

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